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Costa Volpino Webcam - Osservatorio meteo Costa Volpino, Loc Volpino 360 m S.l.m. 2 metri dal terreno, webcam h24 Puntamento Sud Sudest , Lombardia (BG), Italy

Ratings and Reviews


Above each banner beside the Weather Station name is 'Stats'. Clicking on any of these will take you to that member's Weather Station's Information Page. Stations details are provided by the Cumulus Topsites Member with a link to their Weather Site.
The Stats page also provides full Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports of movement on the Cumulus Topsites including the highest and average tallies.

Ratings and Reviews

Visitors may Rate your Weather Site by clicking on 'Rate and Review This Site'. The rating is 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest. Visitors may also write a review concerning your Weather site but this is not necessary if they wish to just Rate it.
All Reviews will be checked by Admin before publishing.

The members Rating is displayed in two places. Firstly on the Main Cumulus Topsites page on the right against the Member's Banner. If a member has no rating then the 5 egg shaped icons will be gray. Once a rating is given by a visitor these will turn to red displaying the average rating.
The member's Rating can also be found on their button which should reside on their web site pages.

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