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Jerbils' Weather Site - Zlatina, Bulgaria - The station is powered by a PCE-FWS 20. Data is collected every few seconds and processed by CumulusMX. The station is comprised of an anemometer, a rain gauge and a thermo–hydro sensor situated approx. 6 m. off the ground about 30m south of our propert


How to increase your Ranking.

On Sign up an email is sent to the email address you provided with the code for your Cumulus Topsites Button. This small piece of code needs to be placed on any or all of your website pages. This button provides you with information concerning your Ranking, the Hits you have had Today, your Average Hits and your Rating.

When one of your visitors clicks on your Button they are redirected to the Cumulus Topsites Banner page. On the way the Topsites Gateway window will open allowing them the choice to Vote on entry or enter without voting. This window is merely to deter visitors or yourself from cheating. This one click on your button registers as 1 vote towards your ranking. Only one visit a day is counted from each visitor to ensure a member does not try to increase their ranking by repeatedly clicking on their button.

The Ranking Period

There is 4 options for the Ranking Period:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Overall

At present the Cumulus Topsites Ranking Period is set on 'Weekly'. This way new members in the future will not find themselves banished to the bottom of the list for eternity :)

The Ranking method

There are 3 ways the Ranking Method may be calculated:

  • Pageviews - Counting every Page View.
  • In - Only Counting Button Hits.
  • Out - Only counting Banner Hits.

Cumulus Topsites is currently set on 'Pageviews'.

Rank Order

There is 4 ways to set the Rank Order:

  • By the Average of Hits.
  • By only the Days Hits.
  • By the Weekly Hits.
  • By the Monthly Hits.
  • By the Overall Hits.

Cumulus Topsites is currently set to Rank by 'This Week' .

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