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Cumulus Software Help Files for Version 1.9.4

When you install and run the Cumulus Software for the first time the Settings Window opens to allow the User to configure their Details, Station Type, Unit Measurements etc
You are unable to access the Help Pages until you have completed this or just closed the window. Below is a list of all the Help Files Cumulus provides.
I suggest before installing Cumulus 1.9.4 a New User should print out both the 'Cumulus Basic Installation Guide' and under Configuration the 'Station Settings Page' to assist them plus read through any of the other pages to help you understand more before installing.
The first link below 'Cumulus Basic Installation Guide' is included with some Weather Station Packages and is an excellent Guide to print out before installing Cumulus.

Cumulus Basic Installation Guide

  • System Requirements
  • Before you Install
  • First Time Installation
  • Post Installation
Download the 'Basic Installation Guide' Page here

The rest of the pages below were written by the owner of the Cumulus Software Steve Loft and are the Cumulus Help Pages.
I have linked them together and uploaded them for anyone wishing to print them out.

Introduction to Cumulus

  • Licence Agreement
  • What is Cumulus
  • Contact Information
  • Getting Started
  • Acknowledgements
Download the 'Introduction' Page here

Configuration Settings

  • Weather Station Settings
  • Cumulus Display Settings
  • Server/Internet Settings
  • Calibration Settings
  • Customisation
Download the 'Configuration' Page here

Cumulus Display Windows

  • Cumulus Main Window
  • The Menus
  • All Time Records Window
  • This Month Window
  • The Graphs Window
  • Station Log Window
  • Select a Graph Window
  • The Records Editors
  • Setting Alarms
Download the 'Display Windows' Page here

Creating a Website

  • Setting up your Website
Download the 'Website Help' Page here

Writing a Website

  • Using the Webtags
Download the 'List of Webtags' here

Data Log Files

  • The Data Log File
Download the 'Data Log Files' Page here

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