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demant's weather - The weather station in use is situated in Kerte - a village on the island of Funen in Denmark. A Davis Vantage Pro2 + station is used and the pages are updated every 10 minutes using Cumulus.

Basic Terms and Conditions

Please read the following before submitting your site.
The few rules listed below are set to allow equal opportunity and fairness for all our members. While it is not compulsory to add your Button Counter to your website, it is in your best interest you do so to increase internet exposure and more site hits.

We request you do not create a submission form unless you are willing to abide by the conditions as listed below.

  • The Cumulus Counter Button may only be added to a Weather Site powered by Cumulus.
  • Please do not add your button code to your signature on any forum.
  • Please do not add the button code to a non Cumulus Powered web page.
  • Please do not Embed/Hide the button code on any of your pages, it must be visible.
  • Please do not Embed/Hide your code into any script or page that you are working on that other members are downloading for test purposes.
  • Please do not Zip up for member download any pages with the button code Embeded or Hidden in.

Failure to comply with the few rules above will result in suspension and removal of your banner from the Cumulus Topsites List.

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