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Cumulus Topsites FAQ

What is the Cumulus Top Sites?
The Cumulus Top Sites is a Cumulus Weather Station web directory that allows you to submit your personal weather station website to be listed, rated, and viewed by voting order. Unlike other toplist weather sites, the Cumulus Topsites only lists Personal Weather Stations powered by Cumulus Software. This site does not list weather blogs, or other weather sites that do not host a personal weather station.
How long does it take for my website to show up in the list?
Website submissions are approved manually to prevent abuse, but submissions are checked several times a day.
What does it do?
Once you put the Button Code on your site, a counter at the Cumulus Topsites is incremented every time a visitor loads your page. The more people that visit your site, the higher your ranking.
When your visitors click on the Counter Button they are taken to the Cumulus Topsites where they can review your site and search for others. Sites are categorised by rankings which is the overall pageviews.
Do I need the Button Code?
Yes! In order for Cumulus Topsites Counter to be able to rank your site and track hits you must install the button code on your website. If you do not add the button code we can not track visits to your site! The button looks like the sample below:
Where should I put the code?
Your homepage is probably the best choice, however if your visitors arrive at another page via a bookmark or favorites link their visit won't register. The best solution is to put the Button Code on an element that appears on every page, such as a border or frame. As an alternative you can put the code manually on every page at your site to maximize your hit count.
When do the daily stats reset?
The Cumulus Topsites reset every Sunday Night at midnight.
How big can my Banner URL image be?
The maximum Banner size is 550 x 110 pixels.
Where do I find my button code?
Your unique Button Code is sent to you at the time of registration, and can be retrieved at any later date in the Control Panel.
What if I have a question or need help?
You can contact the Site Administrator by email with any questions you may have.

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